Bandung is one of the interesting sights to visit in indonesia

list of attractions in Bandung to make Your tour destinations

List of attractions in Bandung are interesting-will be less if You pay a visit to Bandung however still not knowing his Bandung tour list. As a complement to that, we also provide information on tourism in the city of Bandung that you can visit if you want to berlibura to the city of Bandung, famous as "city tours"

Bandung is the capital of West Java province and cities that have the most tourism potential in the search by tourists. The popularity of the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain to the corners of the corners of Indonesia, the beauty of the crater of White Island which is able to attract a lot of tourists, the splendor of Trans Studio Bandung, abundance of culinary tour at Bandung, tour the natural Coolness in Bandung, Bandung city owned historic value and much more that you can visit.

Here we provide a list of attractions in Bandung to make Your tour destinations. Attractions in Bandung are popular:

1. White Crater Ciwidey is a tourist spot in bandung which is very popular and become a tourist destination of numerous domestic visitors and foreign tourists. White crater is a tourist attraction categories have natural beauty and charm of the beautiful individually so that it can attract a lot of tourists.

2. Mount Tangkuban Perahu is also included in the category of Bandung tourism natural beauty which is already very famous once his will. I'm sure must have been many people who have heard or read about the legend of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Besides the mountain Tangkuban Perahu has also become one of the tourist destinations in Bandung the most favorite and much sought after by the tourists.

3. Bandung Studio-Trans is a tour which rides are indoors and the largest in Indonesia, according to some sources even suggest that Trans Studio Bandung also became a tourist vehicle in the room is the largest in Asia. Interesting isn't it? Here you can find lots of places to play arena.

4. De'Ranch-Lembang, the Valley is also one of the most popular tourist attractions and a selection from a wide circle of visitors who travel to Bandung, will certainly be very interesting once, here you can dress up like a Cowboy and as if you will menajadi a Cowboy.

5. Kampung Gajah-Wonderland, this can be said to have a fairly complete rides as a one stop tourist recreation,. For you lovers of culinary, here also there are four different types of restaurants serving typical foods, Western Japan, Asia and Indonesia specialities as well. Here there are also Factory outlet for you like with fashion up to date.

6. Saung angklung UDJO, mang-Saung Angklung Udjo is a venue used for the show, and is also a Centre for the crafts made from bamboo, as well as a workshop on various musical instruments derived from bamboo. In addition, Saung angklung Udjo mang also has a goal to become a laboratory of education and a Center for nurturing learning Sundanese culture, in particular is the angklung.

7. Sari Ater hot spring tourist objects, this one was not only popular in Bandung, but also included in the category of tourism are popular in Indonesia, among the many rows of Indonesia's tourist sites. Tourists who came for a visit to the Cider Ater can enjoy Hot Spring source of the hot springs that have been presented in the form of a pond and soak that has unique designs scattered on some of the tourist sites of Sari Ater.

8. pick your own Strawberry Garden,-on this site you can directly pluck strawberries with your own hands that are available on the estate. While picking strawberries, you can see a beautiful view of the surrounding area in South Bandung as nature Valley pesawahan, tea garden and the mountains. Fresh air has become the hallmark of the Bandung District South and will accompany you during the process of the flush you're working on. Here you can get the beauty of a quiet natural ambience, comfortable and so peaceful.

Situ Patengan 9./Situ Patenggang,-Here the visitors can to always remember going to the beauty of nature tourism Situ Patenggang owned and spacious this place more or less reach the 60 acres with beautiful natural beauty of the surroundings, as well as in the area of tea plantations Rancabali basalt so vast and its region of pine forests and nature reserves Patenggang still so cool.

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